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About Gift Card Swapping is your online gift card exchange social network providing a venue where you can trade gift cards with other people, sell your unwanted gift cards and buy discounted pre-owned gift cards at huge savings! And through our affiliate program you will also find Visa gift cards which can be used at literally millions of locations world-wide!  Visa gift cards are not pre-owned.

Don’t let your unwanted gift cards that you received as gifts to go to waste!  Sell them for some extra cash or arrange to swap them with someone for gift cards you will actually use.  People from across the country and around the world are also looking to sell or trade their gift cards and we are continuously striving to be the most popular destination on the internet to get it done!

The more people join in, the better everyone’s chances are of getting the gift they really want.  So, get your friends, family and coworkers to join the online gift card swapping social network …..!