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Fall … or should we say “Drop”? … into Autumn Savings

Sep 12 th, 2017

Why would we say “drop”?  Because the name of our blog is now “Swap Till You Drop”, thanks to lovely Kimberly who won our ‘name our blog’ contest!!  Thanks, Kimberly! There are plenty of things to think about when Fall approaches, especially if you own a home.  And that can mean a single-family home, a […]


Our Role in this Crazy Mess

Aug 22 nd, 2017

Have you ever bought a gift card as a gift to someone?  Of course you have!  We ALL have!  Ever wonder if they ever actually use them?  Well, the numbers vary, but it’s safe to say that well over $1 Billion worth of gift cards go unused each year!  We believe it’s actually much higher […]


Our Story Continued

Aug 4 th, 2017

Hello and thanks for joining us again!  I wrote last time a little about our history and why we’re here.  The truth is; it is much harder than you might think to get massive amounts of people to find and use your website.  When we started this thing, we naively thought, “build it and they will come”.  But […]


Welcome to the all-new GiftCardSwapping blog!!

Jun 27 th, 2017

Hello and Welcome to our new GiftCardSwapping blog page!  This is something new to us and we want to make it informative and entertaining – at least as entertaining as gift cards can be – and full of gift card-related news, trends, buying and spending tips and anything you need to know about the 20-some […]


New blog!

Jun 16 th, 2017

Check back soon for some of our articles!