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Gift Card Swapping offers three basic categories of gift cards for sale:

          Pre-owned Gift Cards          New Retailer Gift Cards           New Visa Gift Cards

Pre-owned Gift Cards are sent to us by our customers and posted on the site after they have been verified, which means that the cards are in-stock and the balance on the cards are guaranteed to be as-advertised. The merchants of these gift cards range widely and you can find anything from small, local “Mom & Pop” stores all the way to the large, international super-stores!

The price of the pre-owned gift cards is set by the seller of the card and should be listed at a discount from the actual cards’ balance. There is no additional charge to purchase a pre-owned gift card, so the price of the card is the price you pay. Learn more…

Retailer Gift Cards are new gift cards, meaning they are not pre-owned and are generally not discounted. These cards will come to you directly from our supplier and the available merchants may vary from time to time.

Visa Gift Cards are accepted at millions of locations world-wide and offer unparalleled purchasing flexibility. Whether you’re buying one for yourself or as a gift for someone else, they are always sure to please! Learn more…