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Fall … or should we say “Drop”? … into Autumn Savings

Sep 12 th, 2017

Why would we say “drop”?  Because the name of our blog is now “Swap Till You Drop”, thanks to lovely Kimberly who won our ‘name our blog’ contest!!  Thanks, Kimberly!

There are plenty of things to think about when Fall approaches, especially if you own a home.  And that can mean a single-family home, a condo, a townhouse … even a tree house!  What kind of things?  For starters, make sure your home heating system is in good, safe working order.  Depending on the kind of system it is you may want to see if any air filters should be cleaned or replaced.  How about thermocouples in gas-fired units?  That comes to mind because I had to replace mine, like … a hundred times it seems, before getting a whole new boiler!  What about your windows?  Now is the time to install replacement windows before the cold stuff starts flyin’.  Speaking of windows, it will soon be time to bring your window air conditioners in for the season as well.  Is your home insulated sufficiently?  Make sure your attic is properly insulated to keep heat loss to an absolute minimum.

Why do we bring this up?  Because we want to remind you that everyone from Lowe’s and Home Depot down to Henrietta’s Hellacious Hardware House (yes, I made that up) are getting into their Autumn specials and sales.  If you already have gift cards for these places it is a great time to put them to use.  If you don’t, but would like one, perhaps you can try swapping whatever you have for a home improvement gift card!  It is also an excellent time to sell your home improvement gift card if the thoughtless person who gave it to you didn’t realize you live in a van.  Down by the river.

Whatever the situation, we’re here to help you get the gift you really want out of those gift cards.  So hop to it ….. there’s lots to do!