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Investment Opportunities

Invest in the next huge internet sensation while we’re still on the ground floor!

You found us probably because you searched for us or at least searched for some kind of gift card website relating to swapping or buying gift cards at a discount.

If so, you’re still very much a minority.  That’s because the “main stream” population still is not even AWARE that services like ours even exist!  Your investment will help us to not only improve our current services, but it will also help us to add more features and, most importantly, market and publicise ourselves to that still unaware main stream!

For more information on investment opportunities, click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of this page, enter the word “investing” into the subject line and your contact information in the “Your Message” field.

This offer will be terminated when a predetermined number of membership units in Gift Card Swapping, LLC have been sold.