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Our Story Continued

Aug 4 th, 2017

Hello and thanks for joining us again!  I wrote last time a little about our history and why we’re here.  The truth is; it is much harder than you might think to get massive amounts of people to find and use your website.  When we started this thing, we naively thought, “build it and they will come”.  But that turned out to be far from the truth.   Unlike our very few competitors, the owners of GiftCardSwapping are not IT professionals, programmers or software writers still living in their parents’ basements with nothing yet to lose and we do not live anywhere near Silicon Valley and it’s endless supply of so-called venture capitalists.  Many of the other like websites that we have seen come and go were started by very young, bright, entrepreneurial 20-somethings who have some great idea and know how to build it themselves or know people who know people who can get them all the funding they need to build-out an amazing, customized website complete with a marketing budget and a crew of people to help them achieve their dream every step of the way.  Again, most with nothing much to lose if it didn’t go anywhere.  No, we have fronted every penny invested into GiftCardSwapping ourselves …. TWO of us!  One in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and the other in Wilmington, Delaware.  And we started it when we were much older than most other start-up founders when we already had wives, girlfriends (not at the same time, mind you), well-established careers, kids, mortgages, car payments, a slew of dogs, etc.  In other words, we were already deep into the game of life with not too much money to spare!  We had to be much more cautious and conservative and we never wanted to hand it over to the control of some wealthy investor who stood to lose nothing if we didn’t succeed.  So, we’ve had to keep it small and simple, which has ultimately allowed for our longevity.  We hope to continue to serve your gift card needs well into the future.  To those of you who have used our website over the years, some many times over, and to those of you just finding us now we say, “THANK YOU!”

Next, we’ll explain our model, how it has gone through a few changes and how you can use it to your benefit now.