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Sears, north & south

Wow!  I always thought that people who stand in line at 4am and rush the store upon opening like a pack of starving dogs descending on a meat packing factory were a bit out of touch, to say it nicely.  But this is totally nuts!  You may have heard that Sears Canada, which separated from the U.S.-based Sears Holdings in 2012, is going out of business and began liquidation on October 19.  These people act like there’s no tomorrow.  Well, I guess there IS no tomorrow for Sears Canada.  Sad.

As for our U.S.-based Sears stores, we all know they are struggling but, now is a GREAT time to shop at Sears or because when you check out at a Sears store or online at this link … … you can donate to their efforts through Operation Homefront to provide new, mortgage-free homes to veterans and their families.  Check out the whole story here …