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Swapping Gift Cards at

All swaps are FREE and GUARANTEED!!  Simply send your gift card(s) along with the printable form to let people know what cards you are looking to swap for!  Each and every card that comes through our system is balance-verified so you can feel 100% SAFE knowing that you’ll be getting the cards you expect – no surprises!!

BEFORE SENDING YOUR CARD, please keep these points in mind …..

  1. You are NOT swapping with directly!  We are simply posting your gift cards to make them available for swapping with OTHER CUSTOMERS.
  2. A swap will occur ONLY when another one of our customers has what you want AND you have what they want!!  Therefore, it may take some time before you find a swapping partner.
  3. Please do not limit your list of cards that you are willing to swap for to only big name merchants.  We have yet to see anyone post a gift card from the likes of Walmart, Target or Amazon for swapping.  Make sure you are willing to swap for gift cards that other people are more likely to want to get rid of.

Borders, Waldenbooks and Brentano’s gift card holders please take note that these gift cards, hereinafter “Borders”, are no longer redeemable anywhere!  We have confirmed this with Barnes & Noble, who purchased most of Borders’ assets.

BlockBuster gift card holders please note that we no longer buy BlockBuster gift cards.

We cannot incur the cost of shipping to return these gift cards to the sender.  Therefore, please do not send Borders or BlockBuster gift cards.  All Borders and BlockBuster gift cards received hereafter will not be returned unless postage is paid by the card holder.

downloadable form (click here to download the form)