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Swapping Gift Cards

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Swapping gift cards is pretty simple.  If you spot a gift card posted on the website that you would like to swap for yours, all you need to do is contact the owner through the message board and arrange the swap with them.  You must be registered and logged-in to send a message.  If you already have your gift card posted on the site, the only thing you need to remember after swapping is that you will need to go to your dashboard to remove your swapped gift card yourself since the swap does not technically go through a check-out system that would automatically remove it.  Don’t worry … it’s super-easy!

Contacting the other user is really easy, too.  Just click on the card name to open its page.  From there click on the member’s user ID (usually in red).  From that new window, click on “Contact user”.  It sounds like a lot but it’s only three mouse clicks.  You can handle that!

BEFORE SWAPPING GIFT CARDS, please keep these points in mind …..

  1. You are NOT swapping with directly!  You are swapping with another member just like you and are swapping at your own risk.
  2. A swap can occur ONLY when another member has what you want AND you have what they want!!  Therefore, it may take some time before you find a swapping partner.
  3. Please do not limit the gift cards that you are willing to swap for to only big name merchants.  It is extremely rare that gift cards from the likes of Walmart, Target or Amazon are posted for swapping because people who get them usually use them.

Borders, Waldenbooks and Brentano’s gift card holders please take note that these gift cards are no longer redeemable anywhere!  We have confirmed this with Barnes & Noble, who purchased most of Borders’ assets.

Please see our FAQ’s for additional information.

Start swapping now!