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Welcome to the all-new GiftCardSwapping blog!!

Jun 27 th, 2017

Hello and Welcome to our new GiftCardSwapping blog page!  This is something new to us and we want to make it informative and entertaining – at least as entertaining as gift cards can be – and full of gift card-related news, trends, buying and spending tips and anything you need to know about the 20-some billion dollar gift card market.  We’d also like to hear your suggestions for topics that may concern you or have you curious and we even invite you to submit content if you think you have something interesting to contribute.

But what we really need now is a name for our blog!  After trying to come up with something catchy and realizing that we were probably thinking a bit too much, or not much at all, we thought “Hey!  Let’s see what the readers come up with.  They’re probably a lot smarter than us anyway!”  So, if you come up with a snappy blog name, just send it to us at with the subject “Blog Name”.  We’ll give it until August 31st and the person with the winning entry will receive a $25 Walmart gift card!  C’mon … who doesn’t shop at Walmart?  So, “good luck”, “thank you”, and let’s see what you’ve got!

For now, we can give you a little bit of the history of and how this humble, tiny spec on the world-wide-web came to be.  We were not the very first gift card exchange website but, having been around since 2005, we are definitely one of the oldest and there’s something to be said for longevity in this business.  Many names have come and gone in the years that we’ve been around.  Names like CertificateSwap, SwapaGift,  GiftCardRescue and many others.  Some simply fizzled out of existence while others were swallowed-up by larger companies.  I suppose the key to our longevity is in the simplicity of the business model and even the simplicity of our website.  We seek to marry unwanted gift cards to people who want them.  That’s pretty much it!  For every one of the billions of dollars’ worth of gift cards sitting around in the wallets, purses and desk drawers of people who got them as gifts and really will never use them, there is someone else out there who would if only they could …. I don’t know ….maybe SWAP them for it!  Think of it as a dating website for gift cards!  I know … kind of strange, but … it’s true!  Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?  The trick is getting all these people to find us, post their unwanted cards and start swapping, buying and selling.  On their own terms.  Setting their own swapping preferences and prices.  Not being told how much some website will give them for their gift card.  And finally doing something about all that wasted money sitting around not stimulating the economy!  So, how do we do that?

To be continued … Check back later!